Individuals, start-up companies, and small to medium sized businesses use our service. Our clients are great people, entrepreneurial minded, have tremendous growth potential, and are fun to work with. Our business has grown solely by word-of-mouth recommendations and we love that !


Roston and Rogers works with a diversity of clients in a variety of industries including hospitality, legal, professional, service, construction, fashion, health, technology and telecommunications. We also receive a lot of referral business from well respected professionals including CPAs, wealth managers, bankers and lawyers. Below are a few testimonials:

Rusty's PizzaRoston & Rogers is an extremely competent firm that caters to the exact needs of their clientele. My goal for Rusty´s Pizza was to handle my bookkeeping in-house, but to have a professional oversee the numbers. In essence, to outsource the responsibility of accounting, while doing the basics ourselves. I also wanted an accountant who would teach me to understand the numbers, and be a team member in the aggressive growth of my company. Roston & Rogers has delivered. Hiring Roston & Rogers is one of the best decisions I´ve made this year.
Dan Collier - President, Rusty's Pizza Parlors
Straight Up CocktailWe don't know how our company did business before coming on board with Roston and Rogers. In a few short months they have not only organized our books and records, but have provided valuable insight and guidance, which has proved to be the difference between RoRo and a traditional bookkeeper. We are in contact with them almost every day, asking silly accounting questions, and they always take the time to explain everything in detail. The network of clients within RoRo itself has produced new sales for us, and thanks to the on-line system they have put in place, we are ready for that growth.
Chris Shrake - Owner, Straight Up Cocktail
Riviera LogoWhen I started looking for a bookkeeping service to help Riviera Insurance Services get up and running, Roston and Rogers was the reoccurring recommendation.  They helped me prepare the financial projections to secure the banking arrangements, took the time to learn our accounting software, and set up the standard operating procedures to work with our staff, clients and insurance companies.  We could not have accomplished our goals without their assistance. They have done all of this with a smile the whole time.  The staff at Roston and Rogers are doing all the things necessary to allow us to focus on what we do best.
Chris Hill – President, Riviera InsuranceServices, LLC
FrameMobil LogoTeam RoRo, thanks for all your help in the start up of my new company! Over the last very successful year, you and your staff have made things much easier for me and allowed me to focus on the things that really needed my full attention! The convenience of having your staff visit my business on-site is a very welcom offering and saves me a lot of time. This year the focus for me is selling franchises and then I will begin using the operations manual you assisted in writing even though that is probably not the standard type of work for an accounting firm.
Greg Ballou - CEO, FrameMobile, Inc.
Eric ScottRoston and Rogers has been an integral part of my success as a new business in Santa Barbara. Their support and professionalism has enabled me to take my mind off of the day-to-day routine of my business and allowed me to focus on growing my business. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be half as successful as I am now.
Eric Scott - Owner, Eric Scott Photography
La PlayaTeresa and Melissa are the reason my business has flourished. I not only know where I stand financially at all times, but I totally understand why! It is such a sense of security to have them behind me. I can call them anytime with questions or concerns, and that's HUGE!
Lorena Gutierrez - Owner, La Playa Pilates
Professional, accommodating, and very competent.
Sean Shahrouzi, CPA
We are not a customer of your services, but we have received great referrals from you. RoRo has been a strategic business partner for us. They have been very professional to work with & have followed through with everything they promised us.
Gary Kravetz - CEO, National Careers Corporation



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