By default, we have developed a referral network of trusted professionals and services that we recommend to family, friends, and clients. If there is a service that you are looking for, please feel free to ask.


Throughout our years of experience in working and growing businesses in Southern California, we have developed a referral network that our clients have used and raved about. Please feel free to use our network at your convenience:

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Service Type Business Name Contact Info. Website
Banking Business First National Bank Bibi Moezzi
T: (805) 879-7106
Catering: Bar Straight Up Cocktails Brett Benepe
T: (805) 455-9693
Catering: Food Ambrosia Organic Kim Redman
T: (805) 455-9852
Computer: Business Lanspeed Chris Chirgwi
T: (805) 682-9981
Computer: Data Hosting Netlojix Tony Papa
T: (805) 884-6300
Computer: Website Development TopLingo Mike Glezos
T: (949) 222-0301
Computer: Personal Make It Work Eric Greenspan
T: (877) 625-3489
Construction Mainz Builders Morgan Mainz
T: (805)-895-1495
Construction Micheal Parks Construction Micheal Parks
T: (805) 895-3015
CPA Bartlett,Pringle & Wolf

Scott Hadley
T: (805) 963-7811
CPA Michael G. Schmidtchen & Co. Michael Schmidtchen
T: (805) 963-0881
CPA Nastif, Hicks, Harris & Co. Jeff Harris
T: (805) 963-5113
CPA Shahrouzi & Furness Raymond Furness
T: (818) 379-110
CPA Shahrouzi & Furness Sean Shahrouzi
T: (805) 687-4269
Finance: Investments Northwestern Mutual Andrew Long
T: (805) 898-4400
Finance: Investments Mission Wealth Management Seth Streeter
T: (805) 882-2360
HR: Consulting HRXpress Beverly Wood
T: (805) 965-7733
HR: Staff Whalen Bryan, Inc. Kathi Whalen
T: (805) 389-3663
Insruance: Liability Riviera Insurance Chris Hill
T: (805) 880-4260
Insruance: Health Debowski Insurance Ed Debowski
T: (949) 587-9141
Legal: Business Howell Moore & Gough Joe Howell
T: (805) 962-0524
Legal: Business Schley Look & Gunthrie LLP Brett Locker
T: (805) 963-4929
Legal: Employment Law Law Offices of Henry Bongiovi Henry Bongiovi
T: (805) 564-2115
Legal: Estate Planning Eaton & Jones Christopher Jones
T: (805) 963-2014
Legal: Small Claims Small Claims Clinic Kristine McCardle
T: (805) 898-0006
Management: Coaching The Leadership Group Trygve Duryea
T: (805) 452-3729
Marketing Alchemy Leslie Goodman
T: (805) 884-9849
Medical: Vision Paveloff Vision Center Dr. Michael Paveloff
T: (805) 682-4459
Merchant Services: QuickBooks Merchant QuickBooks Call RoRo
T: (805) 965-3314
Office Furniture BKM Office Environments Peter A. Sloan
T: (805) 339-6394
Payroll Service QuickBooks Call RoRo
T: (805) 965-3314
VOIP Netlojix Tony Papa
T: (805) 884-6300
Website Design WHYTEA Music & Media Yukino Takiyama
T: (818) 508-9320
Website Design Jeff Hugart Jeff Hugart
T: (805) 701-8487



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