We are always looking for amazing team members at all levels from administrative to CFO who are self-motivated and good with numbers. If you are interested, please email or fax your resume.


Combined the Roston & Rogers team has over 50 years of accounting and management expertise. Our experience of building and running finance departments in multiple industries has allowed us to create an unsurpassed work environment where team members are encouraged, supported, and have control over their own growth. We know how to make and keep daily bookkeeping work interesting and fun and attract entrepreneurial minded high-growth clients because of that.

Melissa Rogers
Operations and CFO Services

Melissa holds a Bachelors degree in Physics from University of California, Santa Barbara. She served as President and Vice-President for many companies in the manufacturing, technology, and professional services industries. Melissa has over ten years of experience starting and growing small businesses and is always up to speed on the latest and greatest when it comes to industry changes, market trends, and the best deals in financing.
Janet Ames
CFO & Controller Services

Prior to joining Roston & Rogers in 2005, Janet served as Controller of a major software company for 10 years where she was responsible for all accounting functions including budgeting, financial reporting, A/R, A/P, audits, payroll and human resources. Prior and during that time, she handled accounting and payroll processing for small businesses including general building contractor, property management company, retail stores, fast-food restaurant, manufacturing, and non-profit organizations. Janet holds a Professional Accounting Certificate through UCSB and an Associates of Arts in Sociology from Alan Hancock College.
Elizabeth Weiner

Elizabeth Weiner graduated in 2000 from Northern Kentucky University with a degree in English.  She worked in administrative and accounting support for several companies in the Cincinnati, OH area before moving to Santa Barbara in January 2006.  She started at Roston & Rogers in May 2006. Elizabeth has performed bookkeeping services for companies in many different industries including law, general contracting, retail and restaurants.  She looks forward to continuing to grow with the great people at Roston & Rogers.
Kendall Shinn

Kendall has lived in Santa Barbara since moving here from Idaho in 1987. She worked for 10 years as operations manager at a local weekly publication and 6 years as a bookkeeper for a small Web programming business before joining the team at Roston & Rogers in October 2006. She has been using QuickBooks for 15 years and applies that expertise to her advantage for quick learning and adaptability for all business types.
Bobbie Wilson

Bobbie graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2008 with a  degree in Political Science and History.  Bobbie has been with Roston & Rogers since 2008 working and handling a wide range of clients in a variety of fields.  She works with both individuals and businesses to manage bookkeeping needs spanning from A/R and A/P to payroll and bank account data entry. The positive, hands-on, and intimate atmosphere fostered at Roston and Rogers has allowed her to learn and grow within the company. 
April Bennett

April graduated from UCSB in 2006 with a degree in Film Studies and joined the Roston & Rogers team in January of 2007.  She has worked with several companies in the bookkeeping field, and enjoys the work and the client relations.  She currently works remotely from her residence in Portland, Oregon.  She hopes to expand Roston & Rogers to the Portland area. 
Meagan Hacker

Meagan is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. One of Meagan’s recent achievements was the opening of a clothing boutique in Orange County, CA. She was involved in the business development for the start up company and continues to assist the client with purchasing, accounting and customer service. Her unique background in purchasing and accounting in the retail/fashion industry has helped this start up company quickly succeed. Meagan has expert knowledge of many software programs including Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks Point of Sale. Her ability to learn new software has been an asset to the Company.
Laura Weist

Laura's major in college was microbiology with a minor in chemistry. Most of her adult life she spent being a housewife to a Marine and raising their 3 children. Once her children were grown, she worked for the Girl Scouts and later as a bookkeeper in a boat yard. Laura appreciates the opportunity Roston & Rogers has provided her to expand her horizons in a new arena of bookkeeping skills. She looks forward to assiting their clients in any way needed.

Kelley HauckKelley Hauck

Kelley Hauck graduated in 2002 from Brigham Young University with a degree in English. She is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. Before joining Roston & Rogers in 2008 she worked as a Financial Planner with Ameriprise Financial. She enjoys working with clients to help them achieve more financial success. Kelley lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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